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Travel Smart M-500E Adapter Plug Set Travel Smart Auto Adjust TS1875CKN High Low Voltage Converter Travelsmart By Conair TS253ADN Travel Smart Voltage Converter/Adapters
Four two-pronged, polarized plugs (NW1C, NW2C, NW3C and NW135C) adapt to most outlets worldwide. For use with dual-voltage appliances and with electricity converters and transformers. Dual wattage,  converts 200 volt foreign electricity to 110 volt. Hi/Lo power selector switch. Low setting, 0-25 watts for shavers, battery chargers, etc. High setting, 26-1875 watts for irons, hair dryers, etc. Set includes 5 adapter plugs and zippered travel pouch. For use with U.S. appliances overseas. Converts foreign electricity (220/240 volt) to 110/120 volt. Fits electrical outlets in most commonly visited countries. Built-in surge protector keeps electrical appliances safe from spikes in foreign electricity. Adapter only or adapter/converter combo modes.
Conair PS200E Travel Smart Voltage Converter/Adapter Sets
Senses and selects high (50-2000 watt) or low (0-49 watt) setting. Converts 220 volt foreign electricity to 110 volt for use on low wattage (0-49 watts) appliances such as electric shavers, radios, etc. and for high wattage (50-2000 watts) appliances such as irons, steamers, some hair dryers, etc. Solid state circuitry with high/low wattage indicator lights. Circuit breaker reset button corrects accidental overloads. Set includes 5 polarized adapter plugs to accommodate most foreign outlets and a zippered travel/storage pouch.